We want to INSPIRE you!

Devata Active is an online Yoga & Fitness Community. We pride ourselves on offering a diverse mix of classes from many of the most sought after, dedicated and highly trained teachers and trainers around. It’s no longer necessary to have multiple memberships on different sites just to get all the things you’re looking for. From Yoga to Pilates to Strength Training to Dance, we’re bringing it all right to your fingertips!

But we have so much than online classes! From our music showcase, Devata Sessions, to our weekly podcast featuring guests we think you need to know about, our goal is to create content that provides you with practical wisdom and gets you excited about your life! Devata Active also leads a variety of Retreats, Adventures & Trainings all around the world. As lovers of nature, health, adventure, culture and travel, we enthusiastically organize one-of-a-kind trips and events that are available to all, but often discounted for our members.

Visit our Events Page to learn more about our what we have coming up.

Why Devata?

Devata is a Sanksrit word, the ancient language of yoga. It translates to “to shed light on” or bringing something from the darkness of the unknown into the light. Here at Devata Active, we believe one of the beautiful things about being alive is there are always new things to discover. Whether it’s picking up a new skill, traveling to an exotic location or continuing to explore new internal landscapes, there is so much to learn and experience. We want to support you in getting out there and experiencing all that life has for you. Thus our motto- “Practice Anywhere. See The World.”