Devata 200 HR Teacher Training

A Yoga Training for the Adventurous at Heart!

Our foundational Yoga Teacher Training Program will help to enrich your yoga practice, expand your knowledge of yoga teachings and philosophy, and support you in discovering your unique voice and teaching style – all while experiencing a little adventure along the way!

Our modular training program provides you with a dedicated opportunity to delve deeply into your yoga practice while immersing yourself in another culture! The unique format of our program allows for personal transformation and growth on and off your mat. Get ready to dig deep, learn a lot, and experience a unique cultures with adventurous new friends while also working hard and having a lot of fun along the way! Your completion of our Yoga Alliance accredited 200-hour teacher training program gives you the valuable tools to transform your own life and deepen your personal yoga practice. You will develop the knowledge, skills and confidence you need to share your passion and inspire transformation in others through the expression of yoga.


Our Yoga Alliance Approved 200HR Teacher Training Program is designed with you in mind! Our modular format allows you to work around busy schedules, while still finding room for personal growth and travel. Whether you are a lifelong yoga practitioner or learned your first Sanskrit word yesterday, if you are curious and enthused by yoga and adventure then our Yoga Alliance certified 200HR Teacher Training is perfect for you.

The Devata Active 200HR Teacher Training Program is offered in multiple formats to accommodate the ranging needs of our students. The complete training is comprised of 3 Modules. Module 1 is the heart of the program, a 135+ HR deep dive into all things yoga. Module 2 brings is all home – literally. During this online-based distance learning module, you will have the opportunity to integrate and apply everything you learned during Module 2. The training community is available to support one another in advancing our learning and taking practical steps along your desired path. Lastly, Module 3 reunites us for the final part of our training where we wrap things up, reinforce our learning and set you out into the world a minted Yoga Teacher.



During training, receive 6-months of full access to the Devata Active membership library. Hundreds of class videos & tutorials to support your personal practice & ongoing learning.


Gain access to our exclusive Teacher Training Portal,  Manuals with over 300 information-packed, illustrated pages, and ongoing resources to support you as a burgeoning Yoga Teacher!


Stay connected to your community & enjoy a free 6-month membership in the Devata Yoga following graduation to support you as you move forward on your teaching path.


Melanie Cherney is a passionate Yoga Instructor, fitness lover, outdoor enthusiast and the Founder of Devata Active. She leads Yoga Teacher Trainings and Retreats around the world, in addition to her weekly classes and local workshops. Although primarily a Vinyasa instructor, Melanie is trained in Restorative Yoga (Judith Lasater) and Yin Yoga (Asheville Yoga Center) and completed her 500hr Yoga Teacher Training through YogaWorks. She continues to be a student of the practice, finding teachers to learn from wherever she goes.

In addition to her Yoga training, Melanie has a Master’s in Clinical Psychology and Art Therapy and is trained in a wide range of holistic healthcare practices.  During her time working as a psychotherapist, Melanie worked in a variety of treatment settings, including community mental health clinics, substance abuse and eating disorder treatment centers, within the public school system and private practice.

As a teacher, Melanie draws from her background in mindfulness, yoga, psychology, energy medicine practices, creative expression and healthful living. Melanie is inspired by the role that movement plays in personal growth and self-awareness. Her diverse background gives her a unique perspective on the mind-body connection and the value of an embodied practice to create a clearer vision of one’s path and greater empowerment to achieve it.


Our Teacher Training Program is set up in a modular format. We offer Immersion (Destination-Based) & Intensive (Non-Residential) formats.

Module 1: The Heart of It All [135 + Hours]

Module 1 is a focused, deep dive into all things yoga. You will experience long training days as we remove distractions in order to devote yourself to our practice and learning. During Module 1, we’ll delve into a mixture of personal practice, philosophy, functional anatomy, teaching principles and experiential learning!

Our Immersion Training is unlike many other destination-based trainings. We don’t want you to be sitting inside a yoga studio the entire time while the enticing culture whirls around you. Devata Active values experience-based learning. It is important that you are able to explore and experience the richness of your surroundings. In addition to our studio time, we’ve also include several opportunities to experience the unique not-to-be-missed cultural experiences.

Module 2: Online-Based Distance Learning 

After Module 1, we’ll stay connected through our distance learning online curriculum. This module will include home study such as reading assignments, online video trainings and live community calls to continue your studies. You will also develop a personal project and have yoga class attendance requirements, both as a student and to observe teachers in your local area. The intention of Module 2 is to have the opportunity to bring your learning back to “real life” and continue your studies in a manageable and customized manner. While there are ongoing assignments and requirements, this should fit into your busy at-home routine.

Module 3: Reunited, And It Feels So Good! [45 + Hours]

Module 3 reunites us back together for the completion of our Program, continuing our studies and showing off everything you’ve learned during our training. We’ll join together to dedicate time to your practice, your burgeoning skills as a teacher and allow for a beautiful integration of the material we’ve covered to come together.



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