Introducing Devata Rewards


AUGUST, 2017

We like you. A lot. And friends help each other out! That’s why we’re giving you a little nudge, an incentive, to keep taking great care of yourself. Devata is now rewarding you for your workouts!

It’s simple, really. Take classes, read up on our blogs or engage in forums and you earn points!  Think of it as your very own personal fitness savings account. That way, when you see a retreat or workshop you want to join in on, you’ve already been saving up!

To give you a better sense of how this point system can impact your life, check out one of our very own students benefiting from her meditation practice through Devata Rewards:

That was a mostly accurate depiction. You just keep doing what you’re doing on the site and we’ll keep rewarding you for it!

How Does It Work?

Once you create an account on Devata Active, you will automatically begin accruing Devata Reward points. Once you find an event or retreat that you want to apply your points towards, there are a couple of options:


        1. Pay in full with points during checkout: You must have enough points to apply towards your purchase and pay entirely with your Devata Rewards points.


      1. Pay partially with points and the remainder with credit/debit card: To apply your points towards a purchase and pay for the remaining balance with credit/debit card you must first create a coupon. Go to your “My Account” page and select how many points you would like to use. Your coupon code will be emailed to you. Enter this code during the checkout process.


Be sure to read the ins and outs of Devata Rewards and our Terms & Conditions here.

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