The Heart of It All

Our program begins with a deep dive into all things yoga, including a mixture of personal practice, philosophy, functional anatomy, teaching principles and experiential learning! We offer Module 1 in a variety of formats to suit your personal needs.



Our Module 1 Immersion Training consist of 12 days of training in a destination-based format. Bali, Costa Rica, Sri Lanka, Canada … you name it, we’ve probably got our sights set on it. After all, the only thing better than spending our days practicing and learning about yoga is doing it in a culturally rich, nature indulgent location with some beautiful, new adventure buddies.



Our Module 1 Intensive Training is our non-residential format. This training consists of 7 weekends (7 Saturdays & 7 Sundays). We know it’s not always possible for people to take 2 weeks off to attend the Immersion Training, so we created the Intensive format to make the training more accessible. While accommodation and most meals are not included, we are happy to help point you in the right direction should you need help making arrangements.




We also hold our training at studios all over the world. These programs are collaboratively formatted with our host studio. Each one is a little unique, but still cover all the same information as our other formats to ensure you don’t miss out on a thing!

Are you a studio interested in hosting a Devata Teacher Training Program? Please reach out! We’d love to discuss this with you.




We begin our days with a vinyasa and meditation practice, followed by breakfast prepared our private chef or retreat center. After breakfast we reconvene for lectures and experiential learning sessions covering foundational topics such as anatomy, philosophy, history of yoga, and the energy body. We will spend time breaking down proper alignment, modifications for injuries and conditions, even finding your voice as a teacher. This is an intensive, immersive learning experience consisting of long training days. On some days we will take longer breaks during the day, allowing you to explore the nearby area or relax by the pool. Other days we will have outings to immerse ourselves in the learnings and experience the surrounding culture. Each topic we cover will give you a deeper understanding of the many avenues of yoga available, and allow you to find which styles and approaches resonate with you most.

A brief overview of what we will be covering:


Yoga History and Philosophy, Study of Asana with Proper Alignment,  Anatomy Principles, Posture Modification, Art of Sequencing, Hands on Adjustments, Practice TeachingDeveloping  your Voice, Ethics, Meditation, Pranayama, Mantras and Mudras, & Much More!




We value experiential learning and believe there is much to be gained from experiencing the culture around us. For this reason, we always include outings and opportunities to explore and experience our host country and local community. For more information about a specific training, check out our Upcoming Training Schedule.



Online-Based Distance Learning Program

We’ve all been there. You go to an amazing training, spend money on travel & hotels and take time away from your work and family only to forget it all when you get home. Not this time!

It’s important we don’t let all you learned in Module 1 go to waste. After the completion of Module 1, we’ll stay connected through our distance learning online curriculum. This will include home study such as reading assignments, online audio & video trainings and live mentorship calls to continue your studies. You will also develop a personal project and have yoga class attendance requirements. This is an opportunity to integrate and apply what you learned in Module 1, build upon your knowledge with continued resources and projects and stay connected to your community. The online format makes it easy to participate from anywhere in the world and accommodate busy schedules.

During this time apart, you will have access to training-specific Devata Active content. This will include membership access to our online classes. These will be especially helpful prior to Module 3, where we will emphasize hands-on teaching. Even after our training is over, you will continue to have access to our online contant as a Devata Active Teacher Training Alumni and automatically receive membership to the Devata Yoga Teacher Kula. These will be a great resource to have so that you can return time and time again and continue to integrate the information you are learning even after training is over.


Reunited, And It Feels So Good!

Module 3 reunites us back together for 5 days to complete our Program, continuing our studies and showing off everything you’ve learned during our training. Our time together will be the perfect opportunity to dedicate time to your practice and your burgeoning skills as a teacher and allow for a beautiful integration of the material we’ve covered to come together. You’ll share your personal projects with the group and continue to practice your teaching skills in preparation for your final teaching practicum. Reunited, we will celebrate all your hard work and connect with one another!