Be Love

A Class Bundle with Laurasia Mattingly

Be Love

A Class Bundle with Laurasia Mattingly



From the heart

Many of us have utilized meditation to quiet the mind, but meditation can also be used to connect with our heart. A heart focused meditation practice can help us to heal past wounds, improve our ability to trust others and foster more self-love. When the heart opens, we soften into the moment – allowing the world in – and experience the moment more fully.



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Be Love Bundle Series

5 Guided Meditation Practices

DURATION: 48 min, 38 seconds



Laurasia guides you through a practice oriented towards opening the heart through forgiveness. An inability to forgive, one’s self or others, can be a road block to self-love and compassion. Forgiving ourselves for wrongdoings and offering forgiveness to others can soften these barriers and make space for growth and love.


Oh, the inner critic. Most of us are quite familiar with the concept – that inner voice that tells us we aren’t worthy, aren’t good enough, pretty enough, smart enough or fill in the blank. This voice is not us. It is not who we really are. As we learn to gain greater mastery over witnessing our thoughts, we become better at distancing ourselves from believing the inner critic. Instead, we can meet the inner critic with self-love and compassion.


Tonglen is an ancient Buddhist meditation practice. It is also known as the “taking and sending” meditation. In this style of meditation, we practice taking the suffering of another with each inhale and offering back love and support with each exhale. Tonglen teaches us about love in its truest, most selfless form. Love is offered without any expectations or desires for reciprocity. It is simply given. With consistent practice, Tonglen ignites our compassion for self and others.


What is compassion? In this meditation, Laurasia offers the opportunity to explore the role of compassion in your life. By meditating on the concept of compassion we can build awareness around the universal desire for relief from suffering. By connecting with this universal desire, we are able to put ourselves in another person’s situation and build understanding. Our own experience of suffering allows us to relate to them on a deeper level. From this place, we can open our hearts to others and offer compassion with great freedom.


Self compassion is as simple as showing ourselves kindness. We all have challenges and difficult moments. When you show yourself compassion, you develop a nurturing relationship with the most important person in your life – YOU. This allows us to build trust in our ability to care and lovingly show up for ourselves, especially when we need it most. In this meditation, Laurasia guides you through a practice focused on self-compassion around an area of difficulty. You will have the opportunity to express genuine care and kindness towards yourself.


Laurasia is a certified meditation instructor. She is also trained in Reiki, tantra and life coaching. After years of exploring her own spirituality, Laurasia is passionate about guiding and reminding others that we are never too far from our true nature. With a background in communications and human social development, she has come to realize that we can feel constant and dynamic vibrations from the universe. We connect. We align with life. Laurasia’s guided meditations draw from manifestation techniques, mindfulness, reiki, and crystal healing.


$14.99 $9.99


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