Be Present

A Class Bundle with Laurasia Mattingly

Be Present

A Class Bundle with Laurasia Mattingly



Present moment, wonderful moment

This moment is all there truly is. The past is over, the future not yet here. By cultivating present moment awareness we can achieve a calm and clear mind. Letting go of the mental chatter, racing thoughts and emotional intensity can help reduce feelings of anxiety and experience greater joy. With practice, we can gain greater influence over our thoughts and rediscover contentment and clarity in this moment.



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Be Present Bundle Series

5 Guided Meditation Practices

DURATION: 47 Minutes



Inspired by Thich Nhat Hanh’s Mindfulness Verses for Daily Living, Laurasia leads you through a simple practice to help you find gratitude in the present moment. Even a short meditation practice can shift your mindset and lead to greater appreciation for what is.


Even a short meditation can have major improvements in your ability to be present and clear. Take a few minutes to join Laurasia in this guided meditation intended to anchor and ground you. It’s a perfect class to fit into you busy schedule before leaving the house or during a break at work. You can use by itself or as an entry into another class or deeper meditation.


In this meditation, you will have the opportunity to practice letting go of your thoughts. Most of the time when we meditate, our awareness is challenged by arising thoughts. Rather than thinking about getting rid of our thoughts completely, we can train ourselves to allow the thoughts to come and then let them go. In doing so, we become better skilled at returning to the present moment whenever we find ourselves carried away or distracted by the inevitable thoughts that arise.


In this meditation, Laurasia shares with you a practice that has had significant benefits in her own ability to manage anxiety and depression. The RAIN acronym stands for Recognize, Allow, Investigate, Nurture. Using these techniques, you will learn how to observe your thoughts and nurture self-compassion.


In this short meditation, Laurasia guides you through a practice to help you notice your relationship to your thoughts. Often we fall into patterns of how we label thoughts. We come to identify them with certain emotions. However, when we investigate further we may come to realize that we actually don’t feel that way about them at all. When we become inquisitive about our patterns, we often realize that awareness leads to surprising insights and shifts.


Laurasia is a certified meditation instructor. She is also trained in Reiki, tantra and life coaching. After years of exploring her own spirituality, Laurasia is passionate about guiding and reminding others that we are never too far from our true nature. With a background in communications and human social development, she has come to realize that we can feel constant and dynamic vibrations from the universe. We connect. We align with life. Laurasia’s guided meditations draw from manifestation techniques, mindfulness, reiki, and crystal healing.


$14.99 $9.99


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