Cardio & Core

A Class Bundle with Kelly Evans

Cardio & Core

A Class Bundle with Kelly Evans



Strengthen your core and build endurance in these straight to the point, just the good stuff sets!

This bundle is all about no excuses! These 30-minute classes will have you breathing hard as you tap into cardio and core from the get go. You can do one a day for a week long series, or mix it up with other styles and bundles. The classes are perfect for all situations, whether you are traveling or have a short break in your day and want to be efficient with your time. Equipment needed is nothing to minimal, with options to amp things up or take it down a notch utilizing what you have on hand. Be ready to train the core, build stamina and tone muscles. Let’s get to work!



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Cardio & Core Bundle Series

7 Videos

1 Recipe (PDF): Kelly’s Outrageously Good Banana Oat Flour Muffins

DURATION: 3 hr 18 min



Kelly takes you through a High Intensity Interval Training Dropset targeting core and cardio. You’ll move through 3 sets of each exercise and finish breathing hard but feeling strong! This class includes mountain climbers, jump squats, plank jacks and v-ups. It’s the perfect class when you want to work hard and build your cardio super efficiently. 30 minutes is all you’ll need.


In this EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute) workout, Kelly cycles through 3 brackets of 3 exercises. You’ll move through dynamic exercises and then finish the minute in an isometric hold. By the end of class, your legs will be burning! This class includes Jump Squats, Gate Swings, Grasshoppers, Mary Katherine’s, Squat Thrusts, Superman and Bridge Pose.


In this short, to the point class, Kelly takes you through a 6-minute plank set. You’ll hit forearm plank, side plank and high plank, holding each for 30 seconds. Even though it’s short, they’ll still be plenty of opportunity to be feeling the burn and get your core work complete super quickly. No breaks! No excuses!


Kelly offers you a classic Tabata style workout. You’ll build strength and improve cardio as you make your way through 4-minute intervals, including a jump rope set, side planks, jump squats, Mary Katherine’s and candlesticks. You’ll get all you need in this body-weight training class. Get moving!


Join Kelly for this class targeting core and cardio using the Stability Ball. By introducing the extra challenge of the ball, you core has to work harder to stabilize. Even a simple exercise is taken up a few notches, providing you the opportunity to build strength in a highly functional way. In between core exercises, you’ll jump into cardio sets that include mountain climbers, burpees and squats. Let’s get into it!


Welcome to this 30 minute AMRAP- which means you’re going for As Many Reps As Possible! Kelly will guide you through 4-minute rounds, getting the heart rate pumping, the core bracing and the whole body working hard. You’ll hit side planks, push-ups, jump squats and plank jacks with plenty of options to take things up or down depending on how you’re feeling. Pay attention to form, take some deep breaths and keep your eye on the prize. Here we go!


Hit it hard as you use resistance bands to add an extra challenge. Resistance bands are an inexpensive and extremely effectively tool for your home gym. You’ll move through sets targeting the core and glutes, including squats, multiple variations of bridge and plank. In between sets, you’ll get the heart rate up using mountain climbers, jumping jacks and burpees. It’s a fully body, well-balanced class all in just 25 minutes.


Kelly brings an unending supply of energy and enthusiasm to her training sessions. Her competitive nature and love for action led her to excel in competitive basketball and volleyball throughout her childhood before starting her career as a Nationally Registered EMT. Now as a mother to three active children, Kelly turned her passion to training others to be healthy, strong and fit. Her goal is to support others to become or remain active so that they can continue to live an active lifestyle for as long as they want to. Knowing that so many are working with busy schedules, she specializes in short, intense workout sessions that leave your back feeling stronger, your core firmer and your body lighter. Efficiency is the name of the game and also take away any excuses! She is certified through ACE as a Personal Trainer and Health Coach.


$39.99 $19.99


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