Hip Mobility Bundle

A Class Bundle with Aubrie Pohl

Hip Mobility Bundle

A Class Bundle with Aubrie Pohl



Experience freedom of movement with greater mobility!

Join Aubrie as you move towards pain-free range of motion, greater body control and understanding, and improved joint health in this Hip Mobility Bundle! These 20-30 minute classes are intended to be practiced independently or after any other Devata class. With intentional active mobility postures, you can explore the movements of your body while increasing the neuro-muscular communication from your brain to your body. Gain greater flexibility while increasing mobility so you can move better, feel better, and get a workout in! You will learn concepts of what mobility is, why we need active hip mobility, and movements you can do anytime, anywhere!



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Hip Mobility Bundle Series

6 Videos

1 (PDF): About Hip Mobility Infograph

1 (PDF): Exercise Breakdown Infograph



DURATION: 3 hr 32 min



What’s the difference between flexibility and mobility? Join Aubrie as you explore the range of motion in your hips and develop a greater understanding of how to safely increase movement and decrease tension and tightness. In this class, you will explore how to provide the strength and structure that will support this increased range, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of greater flexibility without overstretching.


Aubrie’s back with another hip mobility class oriented towards beginners. The goal of this class is to mindfully prepare the body for deeper hip mobility and movement intention. It focuses on tuning in and developing self awareness around the present state of your personal mobility. This awareness will allow you to safely and intelligently work through the foundational postures as you progress towards a greater strength and flexibility.


Expand your range of motion in your hips through intentional mobility work with Aubrie’s Intermediate Mobility class. This is a concentrating, engaging, and system-warming class that will likely have you feeling muscles that have not been worked in a while! Find strength AND flexibility through movement progressions and muscular adaptation with consistent mobility exercises. And don’t forget to keep breathing!


Ready to take it one step farther?! Adding another layer to active hip mobility, Aubrie shares more postures with focused intensity on extended range of motion control. Learn fundamental form cues, how to implement mobility into everyday life, and fire up your core!


Once the concept of active mobility is understood, you will see the depth of potential within your movement! In this video, Aubrie guides through the cues of advanced hip mobility moves. Let this be the catalyst towards pain-free movement, deeper strength, and longevity of joints!



Aubrie exudes a blissful passion for the art and science of yoga practice and movement. Having been an athlete her whole life, it was an intuitive attraction that brought her to yoga in her teenage years. Her first awakening? That she wanted to live a magnificently, totally, and inexplicably happy life. Now, a decade later, her drive in life is to guide others towards their power and light. Her purpose is to help others experience the magic that happens when one honors the intelligence and essence of their own being. Through yoga asana, breath, mindset, movement, and fitness, she wants everyone to experience an intimate relationship with their own body and an abundance of self-love.  Aubrie‘s eclectic classes focus on yoga, strength, power, endurance, mobility, flexibility, contortion, active recovery, and restoration. From the biomechanical movements of the physical body, to the phenomena of the astral body, every person has the ability to move and breathe in a way that results in an authentic yoga. A yoga that allows them to dance to the music of their being, one long inhale and deep full-body exhale at a time.


$39.99 $19.99


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