Mindfulness Meditation

A Class Bundle with Christy Curtis

Mindfulness Meditation

A Class Bundle with Christy Curtis



Cultivate a mindfulness practice. Experience peace.

Join Christy for a journey through Mindfulness Meditation. Yoga Nidra, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Mindful Breath – Christy is giving you all the tools to nurture your ability to be here now.  You’ll learn about what mindfulness is, how you can incorporate it into your daily routine, and have the opportunity to experience the benefits of being in the present moment. Each class is approachable and accessible – suitable for all. You’ll be guided and supported the entire way, as Christy offers tools and techniques for your process of discovery. This complete bundle offers meditations that you can return to again and again, showing up to the present moment a little more each time. May it guide you to a place of inner peace and well-being.



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Mindfulness Meditation Bundle Series

8 Guided Meditations in both Video & Audio Format

1 BONUS Audio Meditation

DURATION: 2 hr 13 min



Discover the meaning of mindfulness meditation and how it directly relates to everyday life. In this video, Christy will help ease any discomfort or expectations about the practice of  mindfulness meditation. Through guidance and awareness, you will learn the origins of mindfulness, effects of mindfulness on health, and deepen an understanding of the body’s inner world as it relates to a heart – mind connection. This discussion will open the doors of breath awareness by practicing the skill of artful attention.


Stress? Yep! It is a natural phenomenon we cannot escape. In this session, Christy will create a meaningful connection to daily stress and reveal the process behind stress reaction versus stress response. By learning how stress is perceived, you will be equipped with adaptation techniques to manage stress in a mindful manner. Additionally, you will gain a greater awareness of the environmental, social, and physical impacts stress can create on your overall sense of well-being.


Is there a ‘right’ way to sit? How do I stay focused? In this session, Christy will offer guidance on how to achieve a comfortable posture that is best suited for your body’s needs. There is no ‘right way’, but by meeting yourself where you are in the practice with an attitude of openness, nonjudgment, and curiosity, the doors to an inner wisdom will begin to unfold a new lens for you to approach mindfulness meditation as a practice and in daily life.


In this guided practice, you will experience how mindful awareness of breath is a powerful anchor to sharpen focus, increase attention, and begin the rewiring process of neurotransmitters related to habitual response. Christy will offer gentle guidance on how to notice and the dynamic aspects of the breath and our relationship to the wandering mind.


How often do you pay attention to what is happening in this moment? Not the thoughts in your head, but what is happening to you right here and right now? In this guided practice, Christy will guide you through the exploration of senses and strengthen your ability to be present in the moment that you are currently in. Often times, we want to change the moments we are in based upon preferences, likes, and dislikes. Learn how awareness can result in a deeper understanding of stillness and connection from the inside out.


No matter where life takes you, our thoughts are a constant stream of activity. Create time for yourself to learn a few tools on how to work with the power of breath awareness meditation. Christy will offer guidance to build the foundation of your mediation practice in order to help serve you in a way that promotes awareness, attention, and opens the gateways to a calming piece of yourself just waiting to be rediscovered.


Learn how to identify the tendencies of being on auto pilot as Christy teaches you how to apply mindfulness techniques and utilize the breath to increase bodily awareness and quiet the mind chatter. Christy will guide your awareness as she leads you through a body scan meditation to help develop self reliant tools that will aid in releasing stress, reducing anxiety, increase compassion, gratitude, and foster the ability to create a personal healing path to mindful living.


Get comfortable, lay down, and participate in an experience of finding balance! ​Learn to identify and navigate the body’s reactions to stress, ​pain and discomfort which may be triggered by ​​anxiety, fear, aggression, and ​other states of imbalance.​ ​Join Christy as she guides you through ​the ​control and release ​techniques of progressive muscle relaxation, ​where ​you will experience physical sensations ​of controlled stress on the body coupled with release strategies to allow the body to experience its natural state of rest, calm, and release.​ ​



A forever student of the practice, Christy fuels her classes with a passion to guide practitioners on a journey of discovery and inquiry. Her love of yoga has created the opportunity as a credentialed schoolteacher to bring yoga and mindfulness to high school students in Orange County.

In her life as a former athlete, coach, and school administrator, Christy brings awareness to finding moments of pause while making authentic connections to self and others. She creates space and time for practitioners of all levels to learn, apply, and absorb the endless benefits of the yoga practice on and off the mat.

In addition to her yoga guidance and offerings, Christy serves as a mindfulness coach, helping others find modalities of mindful awareness and meditation. By offering personal tools that can be implemented into functional daily living, she helps others connect with the powerful impact of stillness by unleashing unlimited potential of personal strength and awareness.


$39.99 $19.99


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