Prenatal Yoga

A Class Bundle with Aurora Allen

Prenatal Yoga

A Class Bundle with Aurora Allen



Congratulations on your pregnancy! With pregnancy comes major body and life changes. Yoga can help you navigate these shifts through the practice of being present in your body as you stretch and strengthen in preparation for birth. Take time for self care and begin to create habits that will help you navigate the ever changing journey of motherhood.




Prental Yoga Bundle Series

8 Prenatal Yoga Classes

1 BONUS Class: Accessing the Pelvic Floor

DURATION: 5 hours, 16 minutes



Join Aurora for this prenatal practice full of hip openers to help you release tension and tightness and find greater freedom in the pelvis. Taking time to stretch both the inner and outer thighs and groins, while being mindful of the body’s feedback, is an important step in preparing your body for birth. Have a little fun while you stretch and move with this happy hip sequence.


Many prenatal yoga classes focus on hip opening, but it’s important to balance opening with stability. This practice is great for any pregnant woman, but especially important for those who are experiencing pubic symphysis pain, are having multiples, are on their second child or beyond, or have naturally lax ligaments. Join Aurora as she leads you through a practice designed to work the muscles that help stabilize the pelvis throughout your pregnancy.


Join Aurora as she leads you through a safe practice that will help you get the sweet sensation of big backbends with some modified postures using props. Backbending while pregnant has the potential to overstretch the muscles in the front body that are already doing a lot of stretching while you’re pregnant. It’s important to approach these postures intelligently to support your changing needs, while still getting the most out of your practice!


As mothers, we are warriors. This practice will support your body in both stabilizing and stretching the hips while strengthening the lower body and preparing you for birth. Join Aurora for a 45-minute Hatha practice designed to make you feel strong- mind, body, spirit.


Join Aurora as she leads you through a 45-minute gentle flow class, moving slowly so that you can begin to tune in with your body and your baby. This lovely prenatal practice will help you begin to listen to your body’s cues, get in touch with your breath, and move you through postures that open your hips and relieve minor pregnancy aches and pains.


This is a great general practice for all things pregnancy! In this well-rounded class, Aurora leads you through a sequence designed to target all areas of the body that often cause discomfort during pregnancy. There will be opportunities for both strengthening and stretching, finding balance in the body. Take this time to connect with yourself and baby, while finding gentle movement in the body.


This is a continuation of the posture and breath work taught in the bonus video, Accessing Your Pelvic Floor. Designed for pregnant women, Aurora guides you through an asana practice that will help you bring awareness to finding your pelvic floor when your body is oriented in a variety of postures. You will work on stretching and strengthening your pelvic floor, just as you would any other muscle in your yoga and fitness classes. Take some time to get to know the base of your core system in order to assist you in your labor and delivery as well as be able to recover quickly and easily.


Sleeping while you are pregnant can sometimes be no easy task. It almost seems as though the universe is preparing us for lack of sleep! This restorative class will set you up for a good night’s sleep by stretching areas that get tight during the day and helping fluid drain from the legs to bring your body to a restful state. Taking a little extra time for yourself to relax can be the key to settling into a beautiful sleep. Sounds lovely!


The pelvic floor is an important part of your core muscle system but most of us have never been taught what the pelvic floor is and how it functions. This discussion and pranayama practice is designed to help you understand your pelvic floor and how to access it through posture and breath, important information for everyone, especially women who are pregnant. This practice serves as a first step for women returning to a yoga practice after pregnancy and important work for anyone who has experienced pelvic floor pain or weakness.


Aurora Allen is a yoga instructor and health coach in Orange County, California. She received her Master’s degree in Psychology and moved forward to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. After 5 years working with children, she took a leap of faith to work alongside her chiropractor husband in opening their first office together, Allen Chiropractic. While pregnant with her first child, she experienced the power yoga had in assisting her with her desire for a natural birth. Using both pranayama and asana to prepare the mind and body, she was able to successfully give birth without medication to 3 beautiful children. With her first prenatal yoga experience being instrumental in assisting her through her pregnancy and delivery, she moved forward with prenatal yoga teacher training in order to help other women experience the benefits of prenatal yoga. Aurora currently teaches both prenatal and postpartum mothers how to incorporate yoga to support them in meeting their goals. Although she has had many wonderful teachers along her yoga journey, everything came together for Aurora when she moved through Annie Carpenter’s SmartFlow teacher training with Tiffany Russo.




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