Yin Yoga, The Basics

A Class Bundle with Melissa Christensen

Yin Yoga, The Basics

A Class Bundle with Melissa Christensen



Surrender to your practice

Yin Yoga, The Basics is the perfect starting point for your yin yoga practice. It includes a short introduction to the practice and how to set up your practice space, along with 5 yin practices. The three “Feel Good” classes offer you the opportunity to experience the main benefits of the practice. Melissa explores the full range of energetic, mental and physical effects of Yin so that you can reap the full rewards of the time spent on your mat. The last two classes are oriented to the upper body and lower body so that you can find balance, increase range of motion, reduce tension and experience the sweetness of surrender.



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Yin Yoga, The Basics Bundle Series

5 Fully Guided Yin Yoga Practices

2 Bonus Tutorials

DURATION: 3 hrs 26 min



Welcome to the wonderful world of yin yoga! Join Melissa for the first class of her Feel Good series. In this class, Melissa introduces the physical benefits of yin yoga throughout the practice, allowing you both the experience and some knowledge to support what is happening in the body as you move through the postures. This deeper understanding of how Yin works in the body can greatly enhance your experience. Get out your mat and get into your body, where you’ll experience the best “work-in” of your life!


Join Melissa for the second class of the “Feel Good Yin” series! In this class, Melissa shares about the mental benefits of Yin Yoga as you melt into your practice. Understanding how Yin works to support you in quieting the mind can greatly increase your experience of your practice. Simple mindful meditation techniques are introduced that can improve your ability to find peace of mind and clarity for your life. Sounds good to us!


In this third class of the Feel Good series, Melissa discusses the energetic and emotional benefits of yin yoga practice. Understanding how this practice works in the subtlest parts of the body can greatly increase your experience of yin yoga. During this class, you’ll receive an introduction to the concept of life force energy, or Prana as we call it in yoga or Chi/Qi in Chinese medicine. You will gain greater clarity of how it works in the body and the concept of “issues in our tissues” & held emotional energy that can weigh us down energetically. So free your energy and find a greater sense of well-being and vitality!


Join Melissa for a Yin class focusing on the upper body, including the shoulders, arms, chest and spine. This is a great class for athletes looking for upper body recovery and to maintain or improve shoulder mobility. It is also a great option for those of us who sit hunched over all day at a desk or in a car and need to find some opening in the front body. Whether you’re dealing with a past injury or lack of consistent use of full range of motion, you’ll have the opportunity to progress at the pace that works best for you and experience the benefits that come from the longer Yin holds.


This sequence focuses on the lower body: hips, hamstrings, hip flexors and IT band area. It is versatile- perfect for athletes looking for leg recovery, as well people who sit at desks all day. Whether you are seeking greater mobility, reduced stress or some time to reconnect with yourself, this class will serve you. By the end of class, you’ll feel refreshed and more in tune with your needs – mind & body!


Join Melissa as she breaks down the Yin Yoga practice so that you can understand the unique offerings of this style of practice. If you’re new to Yin, or you need a quick refresher, this is a fantastic introduction. Melissa will cover what yin is, what areas of the body are targeted in class and how it works, the best way to approach it. By the end of the class you’ll have a brief but well-rounded introduction to this functional approach to asana (postures) from a yin perspective and a better understanding of the benefits of this style.


Committing to a home practice can be challenging if you don’t have a regular space to practice. This short video will give you some tips for setting up a dedicated practice space in your home, as well as how to use household items to substitute for the common props used in yoga practice. Once you’ve personalized your yoga hOMe, you’ll WANT to get on your mat everyday!


With over 9 years and 4500+ teaching hours under her mat, she has embarked on a journey to spread the practices and lessons of yoga through local teacher trainings at Spectra School of Yoga in Costa Mesa, CA and both national and international yin yoga teacher trainings. You can find out more about her current teaching and training schedule on her website, www.yoginimelissac.com.

Melissa has studied with and is forever thankful to her teachers, Paul Grilley, Joe Barnett (senior teacher for Paul Grilley), Sarah Powers, Ray Long, MD FRCSC, Bernie Clark, and Yogacharya Eric Walrabenstein; and to her friends for guiding and encouraging her as she continues to deepen her own practice and teachings. And it couldn’t be left unsaid that she attributes much of who she has become today, both as a yoga teacher and as a person, to 20 + years of undying love and unconditional support from her husband, best friend and fellow yogi, John.


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