Scholarship Application



You must complete ALL of the following in order for your application to be considered:

  1. Complete this scholarship form (below)
  2.  Complete Devata Active’s 200 Hour Teacher Training Program Application
  3. Post a photo or video on Instagram that expresses what inspires you most about yoga! Mention that you are a Devata Active scholarship applicant, and tag @devata_active + 10 friends in your post.


We believe the best yoga teachers are those that have a passion for their practice, both in the space of being a teacher and a student. For this scholarship, we are looking to award a student who wants to share their love of yoga with others and inspire those in their community to benefit from the transformational practice of yoga. There are many ways to inspire others and we want to support you with the skills, knowledge and experience to make a positive contribution to those in your circle. (Here are a few examples of what you might post about: You might share about music or artists that inspire you to move deeper into your yoga practice or landscapes or destinations that help you to feel more grounded or obstacles in your life that yoga has helped you face head on. We can’t wait to see what creative ideas you have and look forward to reading your posts!)



Deadline for the Devata Active 200 Hour Teacher Training Scholarship Application is November 4th, 2018.

Application deadlines are final. We are unable to consider applications received after the noted deadline.


  1.  We are offering two (2) 50% tuition scholarships for the 200 Hour Training Program beginning in January 2019 at Sender One Climbing, Yoga & Fitness.
  2. If awarded the scholarship, the nominee has ten (7) days to accept the scholarship; otherwise, the scholarship will be awarded to the next eligible applicant.
  3. Scholarship will be chosen at the discretion of Devata Active. Submitting an application for a scholarship does not guarantee that you will receive one.
  4. By completing Devata Active’s 200 Hour Teacher Training Scholarship Application you have acknowledged the requirements and conditions of the program.